Webex Meeting Instructions

Webex Installation/Set-up

Desktop PC

1) Be sure you have been added to the WebEx user group. If in doubt, e-mail gardner.long@chattanoogastate.edu.
2) Visit https://chattstate.webex.com in a browser.
3) Click the "Sign In" button on the upper right side of the page.

4) Log in with your Chattanooga State e-mail and password.
5) In the gray box on the left, click the "Downloads" link.

6) Click and Download the following two apps:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App
  • Cisco Webex Productivity Tools

Just open and install each by clicking on the downloaded file and following the prompts.

7) While in your personal room to to "Preferences" in the gray box on the left.
8) Click on the second tab, "My Personal Room".
9) Under "Host Pin" (this is a 4-digit code used to start meetings), change it to a 4-digit code that's easy for you to remember. This code is used for attendees to join your meetings. Go to the bottom of the windows and click "Save".
10) Finally, install "Cisco Webex Teams". Visit https://www.webex.com/downloads to download and install teams.

The WebEx apps have been loaded to your system, including plugins for your Outlook calendar. This will allow you to schedule WebEx meetings from Outlook. See the "Scheduling a Meeting" instructions below.

Mobile Device

1) Visit https://chattstate.webex.com
2) Scroll to the bottom of the page
3) Click the appropriate icon for Android or Apple device
4) Follow the prompts for installation
5) After installation, open the app
6) Click the "Sign In" button
7) When prompted, enter your full e-mail address
8) When prompted for "site", enter "chattstate.webex.com"
9) When prompted, log in using your full e-mail address and campus password

Scheduling a Meeting

1) Open Microsoft Outlook and go to Calendar
2) Click the "Schedule Meeting" button and select "Schedule Personal Room Meeting"

4) Create the meeting as you would normally do in Outlook. Be sure not to place any text or delete any information below the "Do not delete or change any of the following text." line.

5) Click "Send"
6) When you're ready to start a meeting, simply open the meeting in your Outlook calendar and click the "Join meeting" button. Your participants will join using the link in their invitation.

Joining a Meeting

Joining a meeting should be as easy clicking an invitation link in your e-mail.