VPN Connection Instructions - Windows Computers

* IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this will work only from off-campus
* IMPORTANT: Please run all Windows 10 updates before attempting to install the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Installing and Connecting AnyConnect Client

1) Open a web browser
2) Visit https://webvpn.chattanoogastate.edu to download the Cisco AnyConnect client (Important: this link will only work off campus)
3) Install the client
4) Open Cisco AnyConnect client

VPN Step 1
* Make sure you are trying to connect to https://webvpn.chattanoogastate.edu
5) Enter your User Name and Password
VPN Step 2

Accessing Your On-Campus PC via Remote Desktop (this only applies to users with desktops located on campus connecting from a remote location)

1) After VPN is connected, open Remote Desktop. Click on the Start Menu. Click on Windows Accessories. Click on Remote Desktop Connection

vpn step 3
2) Enter your computer name with ".cstcc.lan" at the end (Your-Computer-Name.cstcc.lan)
3) User Name should be entered as "cstcc\User Name"