Migration to Office365 E-mail

Posted by superadmin on Dec 18,  2015


Office365 Email migration banner

In the next few weeks, Chattanooga State IT Services will be migrating our e-mail system to Outlook 365. This change will enable a number of features and enhancements currently not available, and provide greater usability, security, and stability moving into the future.

There are a number of items that we would like to bring to your attention to prepare you for this change:

Account Migration Instructions. Once your account has been migrated, you will see a popup prompting you to restart Outlook. Please follow the onscreen instructions in order to properly migrate your Outlook desktop application.

Migrating Verification. To check if your account has been properly migrated, click the “File” tab in Outlook. Under “Account and Social Network Settings, you should see a URL beginning with https://outlook.office365.com.

Clutter. You will notice a new feature called “Clutter”. Clutter is a Microsoft enhancement designed to help you filter low-priority messages in your inbox. You can read more about Clutter, and find out how to turn Clutter off and on here: https://goo.gl/pd1n46.

Webmail. Once you have been migrated, Webmail will reside in a new location. Pointing your browser to https://csmail.chattanoogastate.edu will automatically redirect you to https://login.microsoftonline.com. For convenience, be sure to bookmark the new location in your browser.

Student E-mail. Student e-mail for classes you enroll in will now be sent to your employee e-mail address.

Mobile Device Setup. We've included links below to download the Office365 e-mail application for your mobile device. Once you've installed the app, you will need to create an Office365 account on the device, using your entire Chattanooga State e-mail address as the username.